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Gender Gap in Physics Exams Reduced by Simple Writing Exercises, Study Finds
Women are underrepresented and on average perform more poorly than men in introductory physics. But a recent study finds that breitling replica watches this gap arises predominant... Read More >>
First Evidence for Magnetic Field in Protostar Jet: Magnetism Common to All Cosmic Jets?
Astronomers have found the first evidence of a magnetic field in a jet of material ejected from a young star, a discovery that points toward

Each detail is thoroughly made to ensure a mix of efficiency ... Read More >>

New Tool Detects Ebola, Marburg Quickly, Easily
Boston University researchers have developed a simple diagnostic tool that can quickly identify dangerous viruses like Ebola and Marburg. The biosensor, which is the fake watches si... Read More >>
A High-Yield Biomass Alternative to Petroleum for Industrial Chemicals
A team of University of Massachusetts Amherst chemical engineers report in November 25 issue of Science that they have developed a way to produce high-volume chemical feedstocks including benzene, toluene, xylenes and... Read More >>

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